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Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Frame Review 2018

I have just acquired this wonderful product and it must be told that the Foldeasy provides protected support for those who need help getting off and on the bathroom. No wish to modify your bathroom for this fully folding and adjustable portable toilet frame. The Foldeasy toilet frame provides huge cost savings over traditional toilet frames that wish to be fixed to the floor or walls.

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The folding foot paddles on Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Frame arm rests are designed to aid the user to sit down and stand with greater ease and comfort. The Foldeasy is a free standing frame fits around your toilet seat with the back bar in front of your toilet tank.

It has a height adjusting mechanism which makes it suitable for all types of toilets and environments. It also folds in on itself easily and in seconds to make it fully portable. The Foldeasy collapses for easy storage and portable for go back and forth.

Dimensions: 20.25 inch width between arms; 20 inches from back bar to front Strengthen; Height adjustable 26.75-to-34.75 inches floor to top of arm (highest point). Weight capacity of 280 lbs. Warranty covers defectives for one (1) year.

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