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Raised Toilet Seat with Safety Frame Review 2017

This is my first raised toilet seat that I review, but I most honestly tell that this is an incredible item. Stable. All around built with flexible legs. The best part….it is usable right out of the case! There are very few things nowadays that don’t require assembling. The legs are movable for patient tallness and solace. My relative has dementia with Parkinson indications and it has been progressively troublesome for him to utilize the latrine, even with two individuals helping him. This product helps resolving this issue.

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This particular raised toilet seat is very light weight yet solid, therefore simple to move. I anticipate some cleaning issues on the other hand, with disinfectant wipes and our shower.  The  guard. It fell off the seat once. On the other hand, I could pop it once again into the right spot. This spared me from purchasing a radical new can for my guardian.

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