Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat and Commode Booster Seat Riser with Removable Padded Grab Bar Handles and Locking Mechanism 2019

    • WIDE & COMFORTABLE RAISER – Unique ergonomic design adds 5″ of height extension to your toilet seat to make it easier to sit down or get up from the toilet. Our premium elderly assistant toilet seat riser is intended for individuals that might be handicapped or disabled, experience limited mobility in daily activities, may be pregnant or seniors with bending or sitting difficulties.
    • SECURE & SAFE LIFT – Anti-slip surface, push pins and locking mechanism ensure a secure fit on the toilet bowl rim. Removable padded grab bar handrail handles ensure a comfortable grip and seamless edges provide a better sitting experience to maximize safety and security.
    • DURABLE & HYGIENIC – Reliable ADA complaint toilet seat height extender and high quality raised toilet booster seat is anti-bacterial and made with heavy-duty molded premium plastic construction that guarantees frequent long lasting use.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – Weighs less than 5lbs. Easy to store or to travel with for added convenience. Contoured seat is designed with a wider size surface for added comfort, stability and peace of mind while taking care of personal necessities in the bathroom.
    • EASY INSTALLATION AND CLEANING. Adjustable toilet seat lifter that offers a tool-free installation on top of your toilet seat and universal fit on most standard toilets (16.5″) and elongated toilets (18.5″). Easy to clean and wipe.

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This bathroom toilet riser is lightweight and doesn’t have to be attached in any way to the toilet making it very easy to transport from one floor to another. It was very easy to put together and it is very sturdy. It doesn’t slip or slide, yet it is easy to move.

Buy this toilet seat riser and problem solved! Definitely a winner!  Very good solution to difficulty rising from throne!

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Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Frame Review 2018

I have just acquired this wonderful product and it must be told that the Foldeasy provides protected support for those who need help getting off and on the bathroom. No wish to modify your bathroom for this fully folding and adjustable portable toilet frame. The Foldeasy toilet frame provides huge cost savings over traditional toilet frames that wish to be fixed to the floor or walls.

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The folding foot paddles on Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Frame arm rests are designed to aid the user to sit down and stand with greater ease and comfort. The Foldeasy is a free standing frame fits around your toilet seat with the back bar in front of your toilet tank.

It has a height adjusting mechanism which makes it suitable for all types of toilets and environments. It also folds in on itself easily and in seconds to make it fully portable. The Foldeasy collapses for easy storage and portable for go back and forth.

Dimensions: 20.25 inch width between arms; 20 inches from back bar to front Strengthen; Height adjustable 26.75-to-34.75 inches floor to top of arm (highest point). Weight capacity of 280 lbs. Warranty covers defectives for one (1) year.

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Carex Health Brands Bathroom Safety Rail Review 2018

After looking both in medical stores and online, I finally went with the Carex safety rail and it has proven an excellent choice. I would give this 6 stars if I could! I bought this because of my mother’s back surgery. I have been buying a lot of safety gadgets, and this Bathroom Safety Rail has been our best investment. I didn’t need a raised seat, just arms to pull myself up and lower myself down onto the seat. After reading the other reviews I decided this would be perfect. I have a bathroom on the first floor, and also on my second floor, so it had to be portable.


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This bathroom safety rail is lightweight and doesn’t have to be attached in any way to the toilet making it very easy to transport from one floor to another. It was very easy to put together and it is very sturdy. It doesn’t slip or slide on the tile floor, yet it is easy to move when cleaning the floor underneath. There are only two things that would make this product better: if you could fold it up when not in use, and if the back rail was padded like the arm rests.

Buy this safety frame and problem solved! Definitely a winner!  Very good solution to difficulty rising from throne!

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Tall-Ette Elevated Toilet Seat Review 2018

My 76 year old father lives with us and we ordered Tall-Ette elevated toilet seat after my husband’s spine surgery. He was very unsteady on his feet, and couldn’t get up and down from a chair without help, so this was a very necessary purchase.

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This elevated toilet seat worked perfect for my dad after his surgery also my husband Jim started to use it after all. My dad is 6ft and 220lbs so I was concern it would be to tight, but, it is wide and my father fits comfortably on the seat. Compared to the elevated toilet seat my elderly mother uses, which does not have legs that reach the floor, this is far better for stability. Although purchased for my husband, I have tried it a few times and found it to be very comfortable. My husband agrees: he said, “Even when I’m recovered, let’s keep using it.”

The elevated toilet seat was simple to put together. I did slip off one of the blue pads from each arm – there are 2 on each side – so the feet would reach the floor more easily.

The Tall-Ette elevated toilet seat is easy to clean (just wipe it down), and disconnect and transport  – I move it from the bedroom bath to the central bathroom three times daily.

I could highly recommend this Tell-Ette elevated toilet seat because I think it is one of the best on the market, and it sure is a lot less expensive than buying and installing a new higher toilet.

The Best Toilet Safety Frames & Rails of 2018-2019 Reviewed – find out which Toilet Frames suit you the best!

We often recommend toilet seat risers and safety frames when customers asking for advice on which products they most need to make their older loved ones comfortable and safe at home. Something as basic as toileting can be painful and dangerous to the elderly if their special needs aren’t considered.


But these items are not just useful to aged loved ones. Recent surgical procedures such as knee or hip replacement, or newly diagnosed conditions like Parkinson’s can make toilet seat risers and safety frames important devices for anyone in the home.

Toilet Safety Frames range from 2″ to 5″ high. They can be padded; come with arms or without arms; you can replace the toilet seat or the riser / safety frame can be added underneath the existing seat for a seamless look. A doctor or physical therapist will recommend the seat height you need for most comfort. One of our highest rated risers is placed on top of your existing toilet bowl and then your own seat and lid are bolted onto it. For those concerned about the “look” in the bathroom it is the most unobtrusive.

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Safety frames are another must-have for bathroom safety. Although some risers come with arms, if they do not lock onto the toilet and enough weight is placed on either side while sitting or standing, the seat could tilt. A better option is to purchase a safety frame which has legs to the floor, which offers a more stable support.

So how do you choose which products are best for your situation? Here are the questions you should answer:

  • How high do you need the riser to be? (remember – if the riser is 3″, and your own toilet seat is being placed on top of it, that will add another 3/4″ or so)
  • Is your toilet round or elongated? What are the measurements of the bowl itself?
  • Does the person using the riser also need arms for help in sitting down and standing up?
  • Do you want to easily remove the riser and/or frame, or can they be bolted onto the existing toilet?
  • Do you want the riser to replace your own toilet seat or to become the new seat?
  • Is having a lid on the toilet important to you?
  • Be sure the weight requirements of the user are met
  • Will there be men in your household not needing the riser? If so, they might want one that is hinged to lift up before use

Check out these fantastic offers in our shop to choose the best toilet safety frame that suits!

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Raised Toilet Seat with Safety Frame Review 2017

This is my first raised toilet seat that I review, but I most honestly tell that this is an incredible item. Stable. All around built with flexible legs. The best part….it is usable right out of the case! There are very few things nowadays that don’t require assembling. The legs are movable for patient tallness and solace. My relative has dementia with Parkinson indications and it has been progressively troublesome for him to utilize the latrine, even with two individuals helping him. This product helps resolving this issue.

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This particular raised toilet seat is very light weight yet solid, therefore simple to move. I anticipate some cleaning issues on the other hand, with disinfectant wipes and our shower.  The  guard. It fell off the seat once. On the other hand, I could pop it once again into the right spot. This spared me from purchasing a radical new can for my guardian.

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Drive Medical Stand Alone Toilet Safety Rail Review 2018

Paralysis makes it inconceivable for me to stand up from a sitting position without utilizing my arms. Creators of Carnival cruisee ship bathrooms appear to have no clue that a few of us can’t simply put our hands on our knees and ascend from a can. So on my last journey excursion I took this item, which worked impeccably. The four pieces fit into the base of an extensive bag and go together shortly with the wingbolts gave. The item is strong and well made. I encountered no issue with slipping. Straightforward yet amazingly useful. Not flexible yet functioned admirably for me. It is extremely durable. I use on a tile floor and it can slide a bit.  It is extremely solid. I measure 200 pounds and it bolsters my weight effectively.

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The rail is exceptionally sturdy. I profoundly prescribe this to any individual who needs some help utilizing a cabinet – OR getting up from a straight seat.

  • Comes with convenient magazine rack
  • Freestanding around toilet to fit both standard and elongated seat toilets
  • Comes with padded armrests for added comfort
  • Easy, tool-free assembly
  • Width Between Arms: 21″; Arm Height: 25.5″; Weight Capacity: 300 lbs

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